Best Power Strip Ever

Recently I purchased something to help out some of my clients and fellow crew members. It seems like every time we do a shoot either the talent client or other crew members are always needing power strips. Mostly to plug-in phones to charge them. So on Amazon the other day I ran across this little gem. It’s a 6 outlet plus 6 USB charging port surge protector. This is been a big hit with the make up artist and hairstylist I work with. They love this because they’re always playing music from their phones. Clients are always wanting too plug-in while in the chair and it gives them plenty of outlets for things like hairdryers and curling irons.


The only downside I wish they would flip the outlet plugs around so the ground was facing out. Some wall warts will cover the USB socket. And for that very reason I carry a few of these in my production box


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