Cheaper Cell Phone Service

Cheaper Cell Phone Service

I have a new favorite cellular provider. Well sort of. Ting is a new cellular company of sorts they actually rent their wireless space from Sprint but. They do things a little differently you only pay for what you use. So if you think you’re only going to use $10 worth that you only pay for $10. One really cool thing if you only use $6 they only bill you for $6. If you use $30 worth of data you pay for $30 worth of data. That goes the same way for text messaging and voice. I have embedded the video off of their website. They have a lot of popular devices including the newest android smartphones. There is no contract, Just $6 a month per device that you have on the plan. If you’re tired of your high cell phone bills not sure why you’re paying or what you’re paying for. Check out Use this link to get $25 towards a new device


Now if only someone will invent pay per channel TV instead of pay per package!!!!!


$25 off a new device link.



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