Clear wireless review

So I’m in the process right now of getting rid of our satellite dish.  I’m tired of paying for it.  We are  going to replace it with an over the air antenna, Netflix, Hulu  and maybe something else.  Anyways there will be another post on that later.  I ordered clear Internet just to see if it was a little stronger than AT&T DSL.

Well I got my box last Wednesday,  I got it out and plugged everything in and grab the piece of paper with the password on it.  Then I pulled up Safari  and entered the IP address for the modem. I got the webpage for logging in to the modem up and went to put the password in and the password provided does not work.

1st call the tech support I found out after trying 3 or 4 passwords its Motorola not Clear123. So after that I went through the configuration for the most part just fine. I got to the end to activate the modem and no Internet connection.  So I tried the tried-and-true art of random tinkering and dumb luck and nothing happened.

2nd called to tech support,  this time I got the normal guy that doesn’t speaking wish very well  reading the check list off the Computer screen in front of him.  We got all the way down his checklist and it still didn’t work . He then decides the problem is my Mac.  So after I told him that it’s not my Mac!  He decides to transfer me to someone else  and then hangs up on me.

Day 2,   3rd call to tech support.  I got another normal non-English-speaking tech support guy.  So after we get through the same  list again  again  he decides that it’s definitely the modem.  so he decides the best thing for me to do would be to take the modem to one of their clear stores an hour away and have it tested.  That’s when I decided just  to pull the plug.  Considering I was already 5 days into the 15 day evaluation  Which starts the  minute you hit the button in order it.  So the modem left UPS yesterday afternoon. If any of you have messed with clear wireless Internet in the past or have it now please leave me your comments about it.

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