International Cell Phones, Rentals & SIM Cards

International Cell Phones, Rentals & SIM Cards

I have a recommendation for a site that will help you especially if you travel a lot to other countries or even if your vacationing to another country. How many times have you ever been planning a trip to another country called your cellular provider and have no idea what they said about rates or anything else related to phone service? Plus most of the time what they’re trying to sell you wouldn’t even help you if you’re overseas and needed something like Google maps to figure out where you are and get back to where you need to be. I have a great website for you. Cellular Abroad provides wireless phone and data service around the world for a pretty affordable rate. Not only do they provide SIM cards but they also provide phones, Wi-Fi hotspots and rental devices. Cellular Abroad will rent you a phone to use for your trip to Europe for pennies on the dollar compared to your US wireless company. Or if you have an unlocked smartphone you can simply buy one of their sim cards, pop it in your phone and you’re ready to go. I’ve included a link to the tech guy podcast with Leo who interviewed the owner and founder of cellular abroad. Cellular abroad definitely is a website that you should keep in your back pocket.


Cellular Abroad website

The Guy Podcast


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