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So recently for Christmas I decided to do something for my wife that I said I would never ever ever ever ever ever do….. I got cable! (Yes never say never.) Which is a whole other blog post altogether. But for this particular one I will focus on the TiVo. So I knew getting cable meant I’d have to have cable boxes in there’s no way on this green earth I would ever use the Comcast box. So I knew exactly who to call.

I originally ordered my 1st TiVo premiere because it was the only thing I find that I can afford that would tune over the air broadcast. And since I’ve been using it, I fell in love with it. Yeah I know the one complaint I have is the over the air tuner could be a little better but all in all its a great box. I like to think so much I ordered a 2nd one for the bedroom. I was originally going to order a another Premier but actually decided to go with the Premier 4. The Premier 4 has 4 tuners built into it instead of just 2. This literally gives me 6 active tuners to record 6 shows at one time. The one drawback of the Premier 4 is it does not have an over the air tuner like my original Premier. But come to find out talking with the nice people over at TiVo they’re actually discontinuing the over the air tuner (in some cases I don’t blame them) I actually suggested that they come out with some sort of a USB dongle for tuning over the air.

But anyways back on subject now, one of the main reasons I chose the TiVo it has all the features like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon instant video, AOL video, and hopefully soon xfinity on-demand. But they also have a really cool feature that they had in their boxes, that’s the ability to access content on multiple boxes across your network. Nobody else out there is quite figured this out yet. There’s one company that came close but they charge you for it. The other cool feature is you transfer recordings from one box to the other. Which means all of my stuff gets recorded to one box and all of my wife’s stuff is recorded to another. When I bought the Premier 4 I also bought the Western digital my book AV DVR expander. This is basically a 1 TB hard drive with a eSATA port.

I recently re-did a friend of mines theater with the new projector and as I was setting it up I realize that his ” HD” DVR from Comcast was not actually out putting an HD signal. (Which this could become a another blog post altogether as well) that’s why I love TiVo they have some of the best equipment out there on the market. There Premier XL series is actually the only THX certified box that I’m aware of. Their products are just solid in their customer support should be a model for every company in America. Since getting my 1st TiVo I’ve fallen in love withTiVo to the point I even bought stock in them.

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