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So in this blog post I want to talk about apps mainly on the iPhone that just make my life easier.
My number one most useful app that I use is Waze. Waze is a community-based GPS. This means that as I am driving as well as many other users are driving they can report accidents hazards on the road traffic and other things that impact their commute. Waze thing uses this data to reroute you. I’ve heard of the few people that used it during the snow apocalypse last year and escaped the massive traffic of 1.2 million people trying to go out 4 interstates at the same time.


Mile Bug, this is an app that I use to keep track of mileage and where and why I’m driving there. Then when it comes time for taxes I simply at the export button and it emails me an Excel sheet with all my mileage on it.

Evernote, most of you have probably heard or have used this. It’s basically an online place to store notes. I use this for all of those random ideas the pop into my head at various points in time. I also use it for storing templates of emails, check list, Notes from books I’ve read and a whole bunch of other stuff.
Wonder List, this is an app it’s basically a shopping list or a to do list. One reason why I like this one is it gives you the ability to have more than one list. For instance I can have a Home Depot list and a Kroger list and a packing list all-in-one app.

AccuWeather, is something I switched to last year from using the weather channel app. The main reason why I switched is that the AccuWeather app will give you a 30 day forecast. Which comes in really handy for trying to plan a photo shoots.

Scan Biz Cards, this app is basically a way of keeping your business cards and automatically turning them into contacts on your phone. You simply take a picture of the business card hit the scan button and it auto populates all the info in your contact list. Now granted occasionally you have to tweak some stuff because it’ll put a phone number in a ZIP Code spot but for the most part it works pretty good.
Retail Me Not, which is basically a coupon app it’s based upon your GPS location. As you’re driving it will pop up and say hey there’s a 25% off bed bath and beyond. Which is actually convenient when you’re actually going there. One of my biggest problems with coupons is I can never remember to bring them or I keep them in the car and forget about them. With Retail Me Not it actually prompts me to use it as I’m getting to a store.

The last app on my list which is probably the best one is Last Pass. This is the app that stores all of my passwords. It also allows me to have different passwords for every single account. It allows me to copy that password and other apps that require an account. And now with the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus you can get two factor authentication with your thumbprint.

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