New Years Eve Production with DCR

I had the great honor of being able to serve alongside DCR Media & Systems for this year’s Campus Out Reach 2016 New Year’s eve conference.  I look forward to this event every year it’s a great  Ministry  and a great group of people.  DCR Media & Systems provided all of the audio video and lighting as well as the rigging and Crew to pull this 6 day event off.

We used a dB Technologies  rig consisting of 24 T4 tops and 8 EV  dual 18 subwoofers.   Allen and Heath GLD 112 at front of house and GLD 80 at monitor world.  Wireless was all done using the new Shure QLXD with SM 58 capsules and galaxy audio  HM3 headsets.

  Everything is hung off of 16 motor points.  18 ETC ellipsoidal’s were used on the face light truss.  These were powered with Two ETC SmartRack Dimmers.   24 quad 6 battens as well as  16 QFX Blades from blizzard lighting. We added 10 Rogue R1 and a D50 hazer for the New Year’s eve party.   Lighting console was a hog 4 hedgehog.

 I was pulled into drive all of the video content which consisted of a three camera  and two MacBooks running  pro presenter 6.   All switching was done via a black magic production studio 4K and a Panasonic HMX 100.   Content was being displayed on two Christie HD 14 K projectors.  We brought in an 18 foot Camera Jib for the New Year’s eve party.  This allowed us to do sweeping crowd shots and overhead views of the DJs.
 This was truly an honor to be able to be apart and work with an amazing crew from DCR and  the amazing staff at Campus Out Reach.
 Front of house engineer- James Jaros II
 Lighting engineer- Nate York
 Monitor engineer  and stage manager – Matt Yancey
 Production director- Chris Russell
 Video director- Andy Terrell 

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