Tonx Coffee Company

The Tonx coffee Company is a coffee roaster in Los Angeles, California that prides themselves on freshness. Their motto is Freshly Roasted Coffee, Direct to Your Doorstep.  Tonx sells coffee based on a subscription plan. They have several levels and they ship every other week. Tonx says their coffee arrives at your doorstep within 72 hours of roasting. This morning I brewed up one of their sample bags and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tonx coffee is a light, smooth roasted coffee that you can enjoy pretty much anytime of day. They only have one type of roast coffee as for now. I enjoyed their roast both black and with my normal cream and sugar. If you go to the link at the bottom of this blog you can sign up for a free sample bag of the roasted coffee. Then if you enjoy it you can continue receiving a six or 12 ounce bag of coffee every other week from them. A 6 ounce bag of coffee should give you about three pots. They have higher subscription plans if you drink more coffee. This is the coffee I highly recommend it’s a very good morning roast. I embeded the video author website. enjoy!

Click here to try Tonx coffee for free 

[vimeo 67733848 w=700 h=393]

TONX – Truly great coffee in your kitchen, without much fuss. from Tonx Coffee on Vimeo.

Learn more and get a free taste at

TONX – Truly great coffee in your kitchen, without much fuss. from Tonx Coffee on Vimeo.

Most Useful App For iOS and Android

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So in this blog post I want to talk about apps mainly on the iPhone that just make my life easier.
My number one most useful app that I use is Waze. Waze is a community-based GPS. This means that as I am driving as well as many other users are driving they can report accidents hazards on the road traffic and other things that impact their commute. Waze thing uses this data to reroute you. I’ve heard of the few people that used it during the snow apocalypse last year and escaped the massive traffic of 1.2 million people trying to go out 4 interstates at the same time.


Mile Bug, this is an app that I use to keep track of mileage and where and why I’m driving there. Then when it comes time for taxes I simply at the export button and it emails me an Excel sheet with all my mileage on it.

Evernote, most of you have probably heard or have used this. It’s basically an online place to store notes. I use this for all of those random ideas the pop into my head at various points in time. I also use it for storing templates of emails, check list, Notes from books I’ve read and a whole bunch of other stuff.
Wonder List, this is an app it’s basically a shopping list or a to do list. One reason why I like this one is it gives you the ability to have more than one list. For instance I can have a Home Depot list and a Kroger list and a packing list all-in-one app.

AccuWeather, is something I switched to last year from using the weather channel app. The main reason why I switched is that the AccuWeather app will give you a 30 day forecast. Which comes in really handy for trying to plan a photo shoots.

Scan Biz Cards, this app is basically a way of keeping your business cards and automatically turning them into contacts on your phone. You simply take a picture of the business card hit the scan button and it auto populates all the info in your contact list. Now granted occasionally you have to tweak some stuff because it’ll put a phone number in a ZIP Code spot but for the most part it works pretty good.
Retail Me Not, which is basically a coupon app it’s based upon your GPS location. As you’re driving it will pop up and say hey there’s a 25% off bed bath and beyond. Which is actually convenient when you’re actually going there. One of my biggest problems with coupons is I can never remember to bring them or I keep them in the car and forget about them. With Retail Me Not it actually prompts me to use it as I’m getting to a store.

The last app on my list which is probably the best one is Last Pass. This is the app that stores all of my passwords. It also allows me to have different passwords for every single account. It allows me to copy that password and other apps that require an account. And now with the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus you can get two factor authentication with your thumbprint.

Simplify Your Life

Simplify Your Life

I would like to turn your attention to the coolest thing since sliced bread! Its called Coin . Coin is a  card almost the same size as a credit card it has a magnetic strip you can scan just like any other card. This one electronic card can hold every single credit card, debit card, gift card, and rewards card with a magnetic strip you have or will ever have. There’s a small button and LCD readout that will let you know which card you are using and let you select a different one if you wish. So what if you lay your coin down, well there’s actually a Bluetooth transmitter in the coin that will alert your smart phone that you have left it. 

Coin is just now available for pre orders . You can pre order it now for $50. When it actually comes out in the summer (hopefully sooner) it will cost around $100. I have pre ordered one. As soon as it comes in I’ll let you guys know how well it works and what I think of it but for now here is coin’s marketing video. Enjoy

For more info go to

Last Pass

If you ever got an email from a company like Netflix or Walmart saying that you should change your password because our servers have been compromised in some valuable data may have been exposed? Most of all of us have received an email similar to this. There several problems especially if you use the same password on multiple accounts. You may not even know how many accounts you have used that one password on.

I’ve got a product for you that I really love. This company is called last pass. Last pass can help you in many ways. What they do is they store login and password information with a massive amount of encryption in the cloud. This does two things for you. One it gives you one password for all of your accounts and it provides a superhard password for all of your accounts that is almost impossible to crack.

Most of you probably have one password that you use for everything. It’s probably something like your dogs name with a number after it. This is usually not a very strong or safe password. The other problem with using just one password for every account is that it makes it easy for the bad guy to steal your password, get in to your bank account or start ordering stuff on Amazon.

The benefit of last pass is it generates a different password for every single account you have. And then it encrypts your passwords safely in the cloud. This uses one password to access the last pass cloud servers. This one particular password is one that you can generate yourself or have Last Pass generate it. Now you might think that this is the same thing but it’s really not you’re using one superhard password containing letters, numbers, and characters to then access the password library. The last past library contains the passwords that they have made up for all of your accounts. These passwords are randomized so it’s almost impossible for a hacker to crack with a password generator.

This also solves one other frustrating problem that most people have and that is trying to remember login and password information for so many different sites. As well as if something were ever to happen to you you can set it up so loved one or someone you trust can get in and deactivate all of your online accounts.

Last past has a free version and a $12 a year version as well as an enterprise version for businesses. I highly recommend the service to you. Stay safe out there!



Spotify is on the TiVo

So this morning I was browsing my TiVo and discovered something I have wanted for a very long time on my google tv. Spotify is now on the TiVo!!! For those of you that don’t know Spotify is a subscription-based music service. Kind of like Rhapsody I believe. The big difference is they stream at the highest bit rate of all of them. So no cymbals sounding like frying bacon. Spotify is based out of London into here so ago came to the US. For $10 a month you can listen too and even save off-line playlists to your mobile devices Unlimited. Check them out at

More TiVos

So recently for Christmas I decided to do something for my wife that I said I would never ever ever ever ever ever do….. I got cable! (Yes never say never.) Which is a whole other blog post altogether. But for this particular one I will focus on the TiVo. So I knew getting cable meant I’d have to have cable boxes in there’s no way on this green earth I would ever use the Comcast box. So I knew exactly who to call.

I originally ordered my 1st TiVo premiere because it was the only thing I find that I can afford that would tune over the air broadcast. And since I’ve been using it, I fell in love with it. Yeah I know the one complaint I have is the over the air tuner could be a little better but all in all its a great box. I like to think so much I ordered a 2nd one for the bedroom. I was originally going to order a another Premier but actually decided to go with the Premier 4. The Premier 4 has 4 tuners built into it instead of just 2. This literally gives me 6 active tuners to record 6 shows at one time. The one drawback of the Premier 4 is it does not have an over the air tuner like my original Premier. But come to find out talking with the nice people over at TiVo they’re actually discontinuing the over the air tuner (in some cases I don’t blame them) I actually suggested that they come out with some sort of a USB dongle for tuning over the air.

But anyways back on subject now, one of the main reasons I chose the TiVo it has all the features like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon instant video, AOL video, and hopefully soon xfinity on-demand. But they also have a really cool feature that they had in their boxes, that’s the ability to access content on multiple boxes across your network. Nobody else out there is quite figured this out yet. There’s one company that came close but they charge you for it. The other cool feature is you transfer recordings from one box to the other. Which means all of my stuff gets recorded to one box and all of my wife’s stuff is recorded to another. When I bought the Premier 4 I also bought the Western digital my book AV DVR expander. This is basically a 1 TB hard drive with a eSATA port.

I recently re-did a friend of mines theater with the new projector and as I was setting it up I realize that his ” HD” DVR from Comcast was not actually out putting an HD signal. (Which this could become a another blog post altogether as well) that’s why I love TiVo they have some of the best equipment out there on the market. There Premier XL series is actually the only THX certified box that I’m aware of. Their products are just solid in their customer support should be a model for every company in America. Since getting my 1st TiVo I’ve fallen in love withTiVo to the point I even bought stock in them.

All of the above items talked about can be found for purchase on the Church Geek store.

Harmony Touch Remote.

Logitech sexy new Harmony Touch Remote.  Logitech just released their latest harmony touch remote. The Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen – Black (915-000198) will run you $234.57 on Click the link above or below and it will take you to the page on Amazon or check out the Church geek store. This would be a great gift to stuff the stocking of the geek in your life. I know I want one!



Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen – Black (915-000198)

Update on Galaxy Audios headsets

A little while ago I wrote a post reviewing the galaxy audio headsets. Galaxy audio now has changed their design a little bit they now offer a much better cable. The cable is now replaceable it has a little connector at the top of the headset where it can be detached and you could change out the cable for different mic packs or replace it if it gets damaged. They also fixed the problem with the cable cracking right at the end of the connector exposing the wires. The also now have another headset with an upgraded element. I’m going to try my best to get my hands on a few of these to review and test out. Check back later for my wrapup of the WFX conference.

F8 Only

I just enter my photograph Mans Best Friend in to a Photo Challenge. Please vote for it.