Sony A7R2 and Tamron Lenses

So probably in the latter part of the year we will be looking to upgrade a few of our cameras. Lately I’ve started the process of narrowing down the field of camera selection. One of the cameras so talked about is the Sony A7r II. Naturally this camera makes the list. As I’ve been looking through online reviews and reading blog post. I have found a lot of information talking about the camera itself as well as its compatibility through Metabones adapters to work with Canon lenses. However I have not found any information that talks about working with Tamron lenses. I’ve been a Tamron lens shooter for many years now since I got my first Canon 20D. I have drug them up mountains and drop them in the sand on the beach. In they still keep going.
So naturally I want to make sure that the Sony A7R2 will work with my tamron glass. So I logged on to (great people) that is where I rent the majority of the gear for bigger productions. I ordered the A7R2 and the Metabones V4 version four adapter and the spare Sony lens just in case it didn’t work. Before my order shipped I got an email from them that they had given me a free upgrade to the meta-bones T adapter. This is a cool adapter because it works for both Canon EF and EF–S lenses.

So when everything came in I got to testing things and I’m very happy to report that everything worked great. The only autofocus issues I had was in very low light during the civil twilight shooting some sunset stuff. I even tested out the 24 mm lens from Canon and found that it worked fine. The camera and the Metabones smart adapter even knew that it was an EFS lens and change the A7R2 camera to APC mode automatically for me. This is very helpful when you’re in the field switching lenses. This way you don’t have to remember to change the setting. All in all I’m very pleased with the system and how it works. And I must say that Sony is kicking everybody’s butt right now. Canon step up your game start getting innovative! Please! So as far as which camera we will be choosing not totally sure yet, more out there to look through but I wanted to get this out in hopes that it’ll help somebody else in their art endeavors. Wish all of you the best.


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