Tablo Streaming Antenna Box

I want to talk about what I think might be the coolest knew thing since Netflix. I recently discovered the Tablo on Amazon. This is not just another set top box. The Tablo will connect to your antenna and stream the over the air Broadcast to many set-top boxes. It will also play live TV and recording content to any web browser! This is huge! Now if you want to cut the cord you no longer need to try to feed antenna signals all over your house. You can simply buy a Tablo, connected in a convenient location, download the app on all your set-top boxes around your house. For instance, this helps me out because I can have one Tablo box in my main AV rack then my TV in the bedroom connected with a fire stick. Two TVs in the basement connected with Roku minis, and stream the content to my tablet. This also allows me to have a football game coming in on the satellite to the media room. Have my Roku connected to the deck TV streaming a local game on ABC. You can watch on up to six devices at one time. The Tablo has two tuners and a USB out for recording to a hard drive. Yes, it’s a DVR as well. Tablo has a free 30-day trial of their TV guide data subscription. After the 30 days it’s $4.99 for a month, $49 a year, and $149 for a lifetime. With this subscription, you can also stream your recording’s and live TV to your mobile devices anywhere. So, if you’re in Japan and want to check out the local news you can! Of course, you can use it without the subscription. You just lose some of the cool artwork, 30-day TV Guide, and streaming to your mobile device outside of your network.

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