Tips for editing great video

I’ve been working with a few people as they’ve been trying to get more involved with editing video and I’ve noticed something. People get really focused on editing the video and making sure the video is right but they are listening to the audio through their computer speakers. I’m not talking about a decent set of external speakers or desktop monitors, I’m talk about the speakers built into The MacBook. It’s highly important for you to have a good set of external desktop speakers so you can actually get the volume up to an appropriate level so you can hear the blend between your vocals and or talent in your background music. The speakers inside of your computer do  not have a full dynamic range in most cases they are tweaked for vocal performance. So if you’re mixing between speech and background music there’s a good chance you’re going to wind up with the background music too loud and covering up your speech.

Get a pair of decent studio monitors plugged in to your computer and play some of your favorite music also play one of your favorite movies from Netflix. If you do a lot of documentary style editing listen to a couple a news broadcast stream from like Fox news or CNN. This will get you use to the way the studio monitor sound and react to your environment. If you do a lot of music production and music videos I would recommend getting a sub woofer as well. This will keep you from overcompensating on the bass and things becoming to bass heavy in the real world.

I used the JBL LSR305 5-inch Two-Way Powered Studio Monitors (PAIR) w/ 1 JBL LSR310S

If you’re on a budget you can always get a good pair of  headphones. I would recommend the Grado SR60e Headphones this would also work great if you need edit on the go like on an airplane. 

The last vice and it’s not super important if you’re on a budget is to get a external DAC or digital to analog converter. This will give you better sound than just the headphone jack on your computer. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Recording Audio Interface Studio Package

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