TiVo Premiere Review

The TiVo Premiere

One reason I chose the TiVo is it had a seamless integration with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon video. This makes it easier for my wife to use. One of the cool things about the TiVo search is it searches through all available content providers. It will give you a list of that particular show or subject in who is providing it. Something else I noticed is the sound quality is really good. Way better than DirecTV. Which makes everything worth it with just that in my opinion. They released an update a few weeks ago that fixed one of my major problems with Netflix and YouTube interfaces. However I still like Netflix and YouTube interfaces on my Logitech Revue better. The Netflix app on the TiVo is a little buggy but a far better improvement over the old one. The Hulu interface works pretty good, although one of my favorite shows is only available on the computer and not on the personal player. That sucks!  Amazon prime video is not available for instant streaming yet on the TiVo. You can buy videos from Amazon and play them on the TiVo. But that kind of defeats the point of a prime account. The only other thing about the TiVo that’s kind of annoying is the amount of signal strength it requires or the Turners just sock. You have to have it least 65% signal strength on any station to maintain a good consistent picture quality. Our Visio TV upstairs in our bedroom receives more over the air channels and has a much higher consistent quality over the TiVo. I called tech support about that, which they are very nice and speak English. They said that it was because the TiVo requires a higher level of signal strength to produce a stunning picture. Well anyways, this is one reason I’m thinking of switching my antenna out for a multidirectional. That’s for another post. All in all were quite happy I will keep everybody updated on my tweaks and what I find.

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