Last Pass

If you ever got an email from a company like Netflix or Walmart saying that you should change your password because our servers have been compromised in some valuable data may have been exposed? Most of all of us have received an email similar to this. There several problems especially if you use the same password on multiple accounts. You may not even know how many accounts you have used that one password on.

I’ve got a product for you that I really love. This company is called last pass. Last pass can help you in many ways. What they do is they store login and password information with a massive amount of encryption in the cloud. This does two things for you. One it gives you one password for all of your accounts and it provides a superhard password for all of your accounts that is almost impossible to crack.

Most of you probably have one password that you use for everything. It’s probably something like your dogs name with a number after it. This is usually not a very strong or safe password. The other problem with using just one password for every account is that it makes it easy for the bad guy to steal your password, get in to your bank account or start ordering stuff on Amazon.

The benefit of last pass is it generates a different password for every single account you have. And then it encrypts your passwords safely in the cloud. This uses one password to access the last pass cloud servers. This one particular password is one that you can generate yourself or have Last Pass generate it. Now you might think that this is the same thing but it’s really not you’re using one superhard password containing letters, numbers, and characters to then access the password library. The last past library contains the passwords that they have made up for all of your accounts. These passwords are randomized so it’s almost impossible for a hacker to crack with a password generator.

This also solves one other frustrating problem that most people have and that is trying to remember login and password information for so many different sites. As well as if something were ever to happen to you you can set it up so loved one or someone you trust can get in and deactivate all of your online accounts.

Last past has a free version and a $12 a year version as well as an enterprise version for businesses. I highly recommend the service to you. Stay safe out there!



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